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Triple Your Audience and
Close More Sales
How to leverage the growing power of video
to engage your audience to take action!
Here's What You'll Learn In This Special LIVE Online Workshop
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Secret #1
How to shoot impactful videos in less than 60 minutes that will captivate and attract your clients, even if you’ve never made a video before!

Secret #2
Discover the secrets the pros use to go from feeling uncomfortable going on camera to being 100% confident making videos for your business consistently. 

Secret #3
Learn the top 7 ways to leverage the power of LIVE video to engage with your audience and drive traffic to your webinars, live events, and special offers.

Limited space available.  I'm giving this special workshop LIVE on March 15th, 10am PST and 4pm PST
Do you want to transform the look of your video
like we did with Dylan?
Dylan’s “BEFORE” Video
Dylan’s “AFTER” Video
**Dylan’s “After” video was shot on the exact smartphone, lighting, and microphone setup that we’ll be teaching you in our program. This can be done on a budget of $300 or less!
What our fans are saying about the power of video...
About Michelle
Hi, I'm Michelle and I'm a Video, Marketing and Messaging expert with over 17 year’s experience helping entrepreneurs, Hollywood heavy-hitters and top companies build their brand and boost sales with video and marketing strategies. 

I've helped several entrepreneurs generate six and multi-six figures sales by mastering their message and maximizing their impact with video... and most of our clients had never made a video before working with us!

My greatest joy is watching my clients go from insecure about making video to 100% confident. And many find it's actually a fun, creative process!  (Far more fun than sitting out their computers all day!)
Even more rewarding are the transformations my clients have in their business and lives as a result of leveraging the power of video.  

I want to teach you how you can attract more clients, make the income you deserve, develop a scalable and leveraged businesses and make a greater impact, all while giving you the time and freedom to live the life you desire.

I encourage you to read our client success stories below -- these are clients who were brand new to video and achieved huge success by taking the leap of faith and choosing to play a bigger game. 

Will you be next?

To your success!
Michelle Lange
Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level By Leveraging The Power Of Video?
Learn how to triple your audience, close more sales and
transform your business with video.
Michelle was absolutely amazing to work with.  I hired Michelle to help me with the videos for a six-week online course. 

I’d never done videos before and had no clue what to do. I had an amazing time and Michelle was able to get me to relax and coached me step-by-step as we were filming. 

Michelle was able to determine exactly what I needed to have spectacular videos and the whole experience was incredible. 

She brought things out of me that I would never have been able to do on my own!
The end result: I filled my program and tripled my list size, making $46,000 and growing my list by 1000 in 18 days

I relaunched the same program the next year and made $65,000! I highly recommend Michelle Lange!
Andreea Ayers, Pinterest Expert
“Michelle rocks!  I’ve closed over $100,000 in business as a result of connecting with new clients through my videos.  And this is just the start.

She was with me from ground zero and has guided me through everything I’ve needed. She’s a master at branding, messaging and copywriting. I feel like I’ve struck gold having her on my side.
Most of all is the amazing work she’s done with me on my videos. This is where Michelle’s brilliance comes out to play."
Erik Solbakken CPA
Creator, Accountant Success Formula™
Michelle has an unmatched, uncanny ability to cut through all the fog and get to the true ESSENCE of what needs to be said…
It is why I have personally trusted her on multiple occasions to help me craft my own messaging, including writing scripts for me and coaching me through video productions. 

I can't say it enough: Michelle's talent for messaging is truly her gift. And when combined with video it is a powerful tool.

One of the biggest payoffs of our work together is that my sizzle reel has been a primer that gets my prospects excited about working with me even before we ever talk on the phone, making my sales calls 70% easier! 
It has completely up-leveled my brand and has allowed my expertise to really shine through."
Angelique L. Rewers, ABC, APR
CEO & Founder, The Corporate Agent
Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level By Leveraging The Power Of Video?
Learn how to triple your audience, close more sales and
transform your business with video.
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