45 Days to Triple Your Audience, Land More Clients & Skyrocket Sales
Leverage Video To Grow Your Business, Get Raving Fans & Skyrocket Sales
Now Enrolling Early Adopters - 50% Off Limited, Only 23 Spots Left...
45 Days to Triple Your Clients, Get Raving Fans & Skyrocket Sales
Leverage Video To Grow Your Business, Get Raving Fans & Skyrocket Sales
Now Enrolling Early Adopters - 50% Off Limited, Only 28 Spots Left...
Perhaps you've heard about all the buzz about video being the fastest way to achieve marketing success:
1. Video is the #1 way to cut through the white noise in the marketplace.

2. Video creates an emotional connection with your audience — instant rapport.

3. Video uses storytelling, which increases audience engagement.

4. Prospects are 72% likelier to buy your products or services when video is used.

5. Producing great videos is now more affordable than ever with today’s technology (and smartphones).

6. Video speeds up buying decisions by 70%.

7. Video added to your social media means that audiences are 10x more likely to engage and share your post.

8. Video lifts landing page conversion rate by 100%.

9. Video increases email click-through rates by 200-300%.

10. Video is 53 times more likely than text to get a first page Google ranking.
You may know this to be true, but the thought of  making videos feels like a big "Oh... no!..."
Does this resonate with you when it comes  to leveraging the power of video?
  • You know that video can make a huge difference in your business, yet creating video seems daunting, time consuming and expensive…
  •  You keep saying you’ll do more video, but you’ve been pushing it off weeks, months or even years…
  •  You feel uncomfortable on camera and your inner critic kicks into high gear...
  •  You feel the trap of “perfectionism paralysis” and the pressure to do video well makes you not want to do it at all...
  •   You're stuck not knowing what camera, lighting and audio equipment to buy...
  •  You are tired of trial-by-error marketing techniques and want a clear video strategy that will get you real results... 
  •  You find yourself spending time on the wrong videos and marketing activities instead of on the right ones...
  •  You don’t know how to structure your content when it comes to making videos...
  •  You don’t have the bandwidth for learning fancy or complex filming techniques but want your videos to look good...
  •  You post your videos only to find it’s a ghost town for comments, likes and shares
So many entrepreneurs and companies know they need video, but they don’t have a clear, easy, streamlined pathway to making it happen.
as a result of not knowing "the what and the how"
I bet you're probably suffering with...
  •  Lacking a repeatable process for building your audience and growing your list
  •  Not standing out in a crowded marketplace and differentiating yourself 
  •  Having ineffective and inconsistent marketing 
  •  Missing out on opportunities to get more customers and close more sales 
  •  Lacking the influence and impact you could have if you added video into the mix…
But really what you're missing out on the most is not being discovered by the people that truly need what you have to offer and being the world's best kept hidden secret!

If this sounds like you, and you’re ready to change all of this 
NOW, not 3 months later, not half a year later, but NOW… 
You’re in the right place!
Now imagine how dramatically different your business and life would look like if you could...
  •  Learn how to film videos on a smartphone or camera in a way that is simple, doable and fun so you’re up and running quickly...
  •  Feel 100% confident going on camera, owning your expertise and connecting with your audience...
  •  Explode the sales of your group programs, online courses and high tier packages (and replicate those results again and again!)...
  •  Fill your pipeline with high quality, high paying clients who can’t wait to use your products and services...
  •  Launch your videos in a way that gets more eyes on them and helps them spread like wildfire...
  •  Positively impact the 1000s of people who watch your video and hear your message...
  •  Become a household name -- a known expert who is unforgettable and in demand, 24/7, all year-round...
  •  Get high level decision makers to notice you, pick up the phone, and contact you...
  •  Have a video marketing engine that does the work for you while you sleep -- helping you build instant rapport, get more leads, and close more sales...
  •  Have a crystal clear strategy so you know EXACT what video content to create and when, fast-track reaching your business goals!
Introducing The 6-Week Get More Clients with Video Coaching Program
A program designed to help you FINALLY get your videos up and running in the next 45 days so you can fill your pipeline with customers and closing more sales!
  • Attract clients instantly
  • Build instant rapport
  • Create a tribe of raving fans
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Cut through the white noise
  •  Become unforgettable and in demand
  •  10X your engagement 
  •  And Boost sales by 72-100%!
In our 6-week program, we’ll show you our simple step-by-step process to help you create, monetize and market your videos -- all in a way that is simple, doable and fun! 

We’ll take the technical headache, content paralysis and on-camera shudders out of the equation and get your video platform up
and running
in 45 days or less!
Now Enrolling Early Adopters
50% Off Limited, Only 23 Spots Left...
Do you want to transform the look of your video
like we did With Dylan?
Dylan’s “BEFORE” Video
 Dylan’s “AFTER” Video
**Dylan’s “After” video was shot on the exact smartphone, lighting, and microphone setup that we’ll be teaching you in our program. This can be done on a budget of $300 or less!
What our fans are saying about the power of video...

Michelle was absolutely amazing to work with. 

I hired Michelle to help me with the videos for a six-week online course. 

I’d never done videos before and had no clue what to do. I had an amazing time and Michelle was able to get me to relax and coached me step-by-step as we were filming. 

Michelle was able to determine exactly what I needed to have spectacular videos and the whole experience was incredible. 

She brought things out of me that I would never have been able to do on my own!

The end result: I filled my program and tripled my list size, making $46,000 and growing my list by 1000 in 18 days. 

I relaunched the same program the next year and made $65,000!  I highly recommend Michelle Lange! 
Andreea Ayers, Pinterest Expert
Product Marketing Expert | www.launchgrowjoy.com

“Michelle rocks! I’ve closed over $100,000 in business as a result of connecting with new clients through my videos. And this is just the start.

She was with me from ground zero and has guided me through everything I’ve needed. She’s a master at branding, messaging and copywriting. 

I feel like I’ve struck gold having her on my side.  Most of all is the amazing work she’s done with me on my videos. This is where Michelle’s brilliance comes out to play."

Erik Solbakken CPA, Creator
Accountant Success Formula™

“Michelle has an unmatched, uncanny ability to cut through all the fog and get to the true ESSENCE of what needs to be said…
It is why I have personally trusted her on multiple occasions to help me craft my own messaging, including writing scripts for me and coaching me through video productions. 

I can't say it enough: Michelle's talent for messaging is truly her gift. And when combined with video it is a powerful tool.

One of the biggest payoffs of our work together is that my sizzle reel has been a primer that gets my prospects excited about working with me even before we ever talk on the phone, making my sales calls 70% easier!  
It has completely up-leveled my brand and has allowed my expertise to really shine through."
Angelique L. Rewers, ABC, APR
CEO & Founder, The Corporate Agent

Michelle is a star…With her in my corner, my launch went from zero to getting over 1,800 people watching my videos, an amazing feat in a short 1 month period of time.

Her video coaching transformed my videos and I'm quite certain I couldn’t have built my business without her. 

She coached me on closing clients and was instrumental in helping me bring in clients. Without her, I’m quite certain I would be nowhere instead of working on a thriving business 

that is growing leaps and bounds. Her willingness to roll up her sleeves and literally pull her clients up makes all the difference. It’s great to see her passion and how much she really wants to help. Quite simply, she cares and will do whatever it takes to help her clients succeed."
Tim Logie, Founder of Exam Hackers
Award-Winning Mutual Fund Manager

Michelle is a rock star at creating story and content.
She digs deep into who you are to bring out the story that will capture and engage your audience in a way that is unique and compelling.
When I worked with Michelle, she was amazing at identifying the pain points of my target audience and how my video could provide the solution to them while entertaining and engaging them. 

I was impressed by her ability to create a message that would make a meaningful impact, telling a story that will entertain and engage my audience… ultimately compelling them to say yes to the offer!”
Angela Jia Kim, Founder
Savor the Success & Om Aroma

"Because Michelle made it super easy, we made 30 videos in 3 months, grew our list, and filled our live event!

Michelle helped me conquer the overwhelming roadblock of making videos for my business. 

She showed me exactly how to do the technical part, video strategy, content, and online launch. 

Now I enjoy video, it’s become a way to relax, connect and warm up an inaccessible audience.  This major roadblock has now been cleared thanks to Michelle!"
Melissa McFarlane, CEO & Founder
Creative Successful Entrepreneurs

"Thank you Michelle! Your passion for your work is un-matched and your dedication to excellence is inspiring
I felt like you treated my project like it was your own. 

I can see why people fly you across the country to do their videos, you are simply amazing. You set the bar so high! I am still getting compliments for the videos, especially the sizzle. This allowed me to tell my story in a very impactful way.”
Sybil Henry, Brand Style Expert

"Working with Michelle enabled me to shoot video like a pro.  

Own my own, I was getting lost in my words, looking unprofessional and creating video content that had my

message in it but was coming of disjointed. After Michelle’s coaching, instead of looking at my videos and going “Yuck,” now I say, “Right On!”"

Rick Clemons, Coming Out Coach
Our clients have experienced significant results from our video strategy, video training, and video production… 
So The real question is, are you next?
Would you like to generate big results like our clients have?...
  •  Six and multiple six-figure launches
  •  Greater brand recognition and visibility
  •  Increased conversions and accelerated sales cycles
  •  Increased brand positioning and differentiation
  •  Cold leads quickly becoming hot leads
  •  Increased traffic to websites, sales pages and landing pages
  •  Increased number of YouTube subscribers and dramatic increases in views
  •  Significant growth in email list size
  •  Increased revenues 
Andreea Ayers, a product consultant, made $46,000 in a 4-part video launch and grew her list by 1000 in 18 days our messaging consulting and video production.

Samantha Bennett, an entrepreneur and author says the brand message video we created helped her fill her live event 75 % faster than in prior years.

Evan Marc Katz, a dating and relationship expert, launched an online program with the sales and content videos our team produced and filmed, claiming the revenues from his launch will provide his income for the next 10 years.
Angelique Rewers, a business coach, generated over $800,000 in sales of her year-long coaching programs at her live event using the brand message video we created . Angelique said that a separate brand message video we created for her business made her sales conversations 70% easier. 
Kat Gordon, an advertising executive, secured over $200,000 in corporate sponsorships and filled her first-time national conference with over 400 advertising executives with the brand message video we created with our messaging consulting and video production. This conference put her on the map as a thought leader, featured in Forbes and won awards from Ad Age.
Nicole Markson, a female automotive expert, landed a featured spot on ABC television with the video and brand messaging we created with our messaging consulting and video production.
Angela Jia Kim, an entrepreneur and business mentor, did a multiple 6-figure launch of her high-level mastermind groups with the brand message video we created with our messaging consulting and video production.
Kristin Adams, an owner of a cosmetics company, did a six figure launch in 30 days with the video strategy and 12-part video series we wrote, directed, filmed, and produced, bringing her a 20 x ROI on her investment.
Shimon Abouzaglo, a tech entrepreneur, filled his first-time technology conference to capacity with top level executives from Oracle, IBM, SAP, Adobe, and Salesforce with the brand message videos we created with our messaging consulting and video production.  
Diane O’Connell, a book development expert, got 52,000 views and over 2,000 new YouTube subscribers from the 10-part High Value Content Video series we created with our messaging consulting and video production. 

Melissa McFarlane used our video strategies and video training to fill her Live Event and the Live Stream for the event.  She made 30 videos in 3 months and said she owes her full pipeline of clients and her live attendance at the event to the videos.

what you're going to get
Jumpstart Homework:
Lights, Camera, Action: The Equipment You Need to Set Up Your Video Studio
•You’ll be given a guide so you know exactly what to buy to set up your own video studio on a budget ranging from $80 to $300 total (you get to choose!)
Create Your Video Marketing Monetization Plan
•Choose the right video mix and strategy for your specific business and reach your marketing goals more quickly (this is our sweet spot!)
Leverage the Power of Live
•Learn best practices for Facebook Live and Instagram Live to give value, connect with your audience and get their attention!  Get our top 10 content ideas to add to your live video mix -- so you can create engagement and excitement for your audience.  Discover how to use live video to boost traffic to other offers you have.
Set Up Your Video Studio & Get Ready to Film
•Get ready to create high quality videos with the right framing, lighting, and sound.  If you already create videos, this will uplevel the look of them!

**As long as you have a smartphone or tablet, you can set up your video studio on a budget of $85-$300.
Film High Quality Videos - Insider’s Secrets, Tricks & Hacks
•Get into action with more filming techniques and get your camera rolling.  Learn about the backgrounds, bells, and whistles to make your videos POP.
Crush it On Camera and Get On-Camera Confidence
•Kick your visibility fears to the curb and master the art of going on camera. With these easy-to-learn on-camera techniques, we'll take your videos from "Ow" to "WOW".
Launch Your Videos Online & Have Them Spread Like Wildfire
•Discover  the insider secrets to getting more likes, comments, views and shares online just like the viral videos that grab your attention. Learn the art of writing headlines with a hook, thumbnails that stop viewers in their tracks and keywords that convert.  Learn how to take one video and repurpose it across multiple platforms.
*All recordings of the class will be made available and shared in our Member's Hub if you are not able to attend the live class time.

You will have lifetime access to all the trainings, and lifetime access to our weekly Virtual Office Hours (as long as we hold them) -- definitely through 2018!
Plus, You’ll Receive These Bonuses
(Valued at $4,076)
Bonus #1: Monetize Your Message with the Top 5 Videos You Need for Your Biz ($297 Value)
Get our free 50-minute content-rich video training series and our accompanying insights paper on the 5 most important videos you need to triple your audience and close more sales.
Bonus #2: Video Launch Playbook ($997 Value)
You’ll receive done-for-you templates and sample scripts for your Brand Message Video, High Value Content Videos, Webinar Video Drip Campaign, FB Live Videos, Client Case Study Videos, Testimonial Videos and Sales Videos. Get the formulas and sample scripts that have helped our clients do five, six, and multiple six figure launches.
Bonus #3: Mastering the Inner Game of Visibility ($297 Value)
In this training, you’ll learn how to flip the switch on your visibility fears and get the tools and mindset shifts that will help you bust through your visibility blocks and get unbreakable on-camera confidence.
Bonus #4: Client Success Stories that Convert ($297 Value)
In this training, you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to to create high quality Client Success Stories that easily convert your prospects to ideal clients. You’ll learn how to go on camera and deliver these yourself and also how to interview your clients to bring their stories out, coaching them through the interview process. You’ll learn the entire content structure for an effective Client Success Story. Client Success Stories are a great way to take your prospects from an “I’m not sure” to YES!
Bonus #5: Inside Secrets to Expert Interviews that Build Your Brand & Audience ($297 Value)
You’ll discover the exact process to use to get an easy yes from high level experts. You’ll learn a streamlined process for making expert interviews super easy and efficient. Get our tips for preparing for the interview, filming a two person interview, and leveraging the video to build your list.
Bonus #6: On-Camera Wardrobe Secrets from Brand Stylist Sybil Henry ($297 Value)
Sybil Henry will share exactly how to dress for your unique brand style and the wardrobe dos and don’ts for going on-camera. Sybil is a Brand Style Strategist for entrepreneurs and companies. She has spent 20 years as the Brand Style Director for big brands, where she styled several photo and video shoots.
Bonus #7: Teleprompter Tips, Tricks & Training ($297 Value)
You’ll get our recommendations for the best teleprompter and the best teleprompter software to use with your smartphone or tablet. We’ll show you how to read from the teleprompter in a seamless, natural way. 
Bonus #8: Video SEO Training ($297 Value)
In this training, you’ll learn how to leverage online software to create headlines, write video descriptions, and tag your videos with keywords on YouTube. This will help you get far more views on your videos and show up higher in YouTube and Google searches.
Bonus #9: How to Double Your Webinar Attendance Using A Video Drip Campaign ($497 Value)
In this training, Jeff Brewer, founder of Launch Hacker Lab, will share how to do a 4-part video drip campaign to double your webinar attendance and your replay views. Jeff will show you the exact formula that multiple 7-figure marketers are using to get thousands of people onto their webinars to close multiple 6 and 7-figure sales. 

Jeff is an online launch expert, and his most recent launch earned a company $305,000 with a 17-day video launch sequence. You'll learn Jeff's insider secrets to growing your webinar attendance so you can use your webinars to make a greater impact and close more sales.
The video Creator hub
Our private Facebook Group will be a Video Incubator!  Each week, you’ll receive fun video assignments that you can either post only within our private Facebook group to get your feet wet OR you can post it online on your social media platforms and/or your vlog. 

Many of the assignments will be easy videos to flex your video muscles, such as creating 
a "Behind the Scenes video about your business,” “interviewing a client on their success with you via Zoom, etc.”

Those who post their weekly videos to our private Facebook Group will WIN a 2-Day LIVE training with us in Los Angeles, California where you will receive hands-on, customized training and spotlight coaching on creating videos for your business (date to be announced soon) ($997 value). 

Receiving this in person training in the room with us is worth its weight in gold! We’ve transformed the look and feel of people’s videos in less than one hour!
our coaching schedule
We’ll meet for Live Workshops via Zoom Video Conferencing every Thursday from 1 pm to 3 pm PST for training, followed by Q&A through April 12. The training module will be a combination of our initial training with added content designed to answer the additional questions that came up during the Live Workshop. This way we can ensure that it meets our participants' needs.

The Member's Hub will continue to be updated with content and resources based on the participants' needs.

**We'll also hold weekly Virtual Office Hours via Zoom Video Conferencing for additional questions, laser coaching, and support on Fridays from 12 pm to 1:30 pm.**

The week after each Live Workshop, beginning the week of March 19, we will upload a module for the topic we covered to the Member's Hub.  (Module 1 is already live)

Keep in mind, you’ll also have lifetime access to all the trainings, and lifetime access to our weekly Virtual Office Hours (as long as we hold them) -- definitely through 2018!

You will be part of an exciting private Facebook Group of entrepreneurs and creative professionals who are creating videos for their business.

You will also receive over $4,000 in bonuses to help you rock your videos including scripting templates, tips from a top stylist on what to wear on camera, how to do expert interviews, how to get great client testimonials, and how to do basic SEO for your videos so that they are found more easily online.  These bonuses will be dripped out over the coming weeks.
Are You Ready To Join The Coaching Program That Teaches You How To Use Video To Attract High Quality, High-Paying Clients Easily And Effortlessly?
Let's Do This Together!
Early adopters rate ending soon!
Which Option Is Best For You?
6 Week Coaching Program
  •  Jumpstart Video Studio Guide ($997 Value)
  •  6 Weekly Training and Q& A Calls ($3,000 Value)
  •  2-hours of weekly Office Hours for 6 weeks ($3,000 Value)
  •  Private Facebook Group ($997 Value)
  •  Fast Action Bonus: 60-Min Coaching Session ($497 Value) 
  •  9 Extra Bonuses ($4,076 of Value)
$12,567 of Value
$997 Only 1 Simple Payment Of $497
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MOST convenient
6 Week Coaching Program
  •  Jumpstart Video Studio Guide ($997 Value)
  •  6 Weekly Training and Q& A Calls ($3,000 Value)
  •   2-hours of weekly Office Hours for 6 weeks ($3,000 Value)
  •  Private Facebook Group ($997 Value)
  •  Fast Action Bonus: 60-Min Coaching Session ($497 Value) 
  •  9 Extra Bonuses ($4,076 of Value)
$12,567 Of Value
$997 2 Simple Payments of $279
Early Adopter Rate of 50% Off Limited, Only 23 Spots Left...
Got questions? Contact michelle@mlangemedia.com
About Your Coach
ready to make your brand unforgettable & in demand with video?
Let's Do This Together!
Hi I'm Michelle
I'm a Video, Marketing, and Messaging expert with over 17 year’s experience helping Hollywood heavy-hitters, top companies and entrepreneurs build their brand and boost sales. 
I've helped several entrepreneurs generate six and multi-six figures sales by mastering their message and maximizing their impact with video. 

I do this by specializing in video strategy, video production, marketing strategy, content development and DIY video training.

My passion is giving entrepreneurs and small businesses the skills, strategies and tools they need to get their unique genius out into the world so they can have more impact!

Michelle’s zone of genius was getting to the heart of who I am and what my business is all about.  

Our work together helped me clarify my brand, which has made it so much easier for me to talk to clients, create  marketing materials, and do events.

She was able to see very quickly what my strengths were and what was special about me and how I worked with clients. 

Michelle had a clear vision of what the video should  accomplish, and she made sure I was thoroughly prepared. The end result is a video that I not only feel thoroughly reflects my brand and my business, but that has been instrumental in bringing me quality clients. I have also used the sizzle reel to secure top-level speaking engagements. Having M Lange do my sizzle reel was by far one of the best investments I have made in my business."
Diane O’Connell, Book Development Expert
Write to Sell Your Book | www.writetosellyourbook.com

Everything Michelle taught me instantly increased my credibility. Her advice was priceless and she always had my back. Run, don’t walk, to hire Michelle.  

Being great on stage, I was super frustrated how petrified I was, every time the video camera was on record. Michelle, in her gentle, funny and soothing way, turned my camera shyness into soulful sizzle. She cared about me and my project at the deepest level. My confidence has increased enormously, as she taught me pacing, how to tune in and say what I really mean. I also learned how to be more efficient with words.

She also taught me how to play on camera — once I learned to have fun on camera, I felt so much more confident and all kinds of ideas came flooding in — like my Bankability Minutes series. I also learned how to use my voice and personality to stand apart and engage my audience. I now feel really good about making videos.”
Julie Steelman, Bankability Guru
Author, & Speaker | www.juliesteelman.com

"Michelle was truly gifted at drawing out each interviewee and getting the sound bites that make the video so persuasive.
We just wrapped my sizzle reel for my conference. 

The feedback from attendees and sponsors has been so favorable, from people saying it “gave them goose bumps” to “perfectly captures the energy of the day.” As the conference organizer, I see this sizzle reel as my “silver bullet” — the one asset I can link to in any email and always get an enthusiastic reply. Hiring Michelle was the smartest investment I made in growing my conference into the future"
Kat Gordon, Founder
The 3% Conference \ www.3percentconf.com

"I cannot say enough about how much Michelle helped me to refine my message and offering. 
She is patient, listens well, and offers valuable feedback 

born from her considerable talent and desire to help others succeed. I highly recommend working with her if you have the opportunity."
Matt Schultheis, President
Brightside Consulting
Get Results  With Video
Only 23 Early Adopter Spots Left - 50% Off
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